Why I Use a VPN Service

I use a virtual private network (VPN) service provider whether I’m at home or on the road traveling.  There are many reasons why I use a VPN service.  First I don’t want to use an open Wi-Fi hotspot connection to expose my private information over unencrypted wireless connections. Secondly I don’t want my ISP monitoring, tracking, logging, or keeping tabs on my Internet browsing habits.

I value my privacy. With so many VPN providers, how can you choose a VPN provider that protects your privacy?  For one, I only use VPN providers that do not log, store my personal information.  My current favorite VPN provider is Anonine.com in Sweden and subject to Swedish law.   They also support mobile devices such as my Android smart phone.  Even if Anonine is served with legal orders to turn over data, they cannot, as they do not log any traffic logs and do not store any logs containing ip addresses.  Best of all Anonine uses OpenVPN with 2048 bit encryption and provides speedy unlimited traffic.  I’ve never had an issue using this reliable VPN provider that above all else supports my right to privacy.

When conducting highly sensitive work, besides using VPN, I will often use the TOR browser bundle and use only SSL connections to specific trusted servers and websites while using a trusted VPN provider.  While these steps may not be able to keep me off the radar of indiscriminate government surveillance programs, I can and will always do whatever I can to protect my right to privacy.

In future posts, I will share with you more of the privacy enhancing tools and steps I’ve taken to take my privacy back.


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